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You must be 18 to enter (21 years of age if a resident of Hawaii or Washington DC). 18 USC 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statements : Kimbei Silk Home Page. Navigation menu. COOL SILK - KIMBEI SOUGUN. » KIMBEI SOUGUN «. - Kimbei Sougun. In all of the pictures, it has been specifically stated what the year is. To each of the photos with the exception of "A" and "B" on the back of the box is a pic of the box with the picture. All of the pictures that are being purchased are with the exception of "A" and "B" on the back of the box. "A" and "B" are the pictures in this gallery are of the box. "A" and "B" are pictures of the box that are considered "special" pictures. Please read through the order form carefully before submitting your order. Please read through the gallery and descriptions of the photographs carefully before deciding to place an order. It will be returned to me when it is in error and any missing information is provided. "A" and "B" pictures are not for sale. "A" and "B" pictures will be returned to me when it is determined that there is a problem with the picture. Please understand that I am not a stock photographer and a good picture can only be obtained by actually taking it. It is imperative that you understand what the box is before placing an order for a box or a pair of boxes. "A" and "B" pictures are considered to be "special" pictures that have been taken during the "raw" or the "unfinished" stage of the making of the boxes. The boxes that you purchase are of this "raw" nature and are being sold as they are. The boxes are "off the shelf" goods and have not been soldered, cut, or otherwise altered or finished. These are not "pre-made" boxes. The "A" and "B" pictures are part of the process of building the boxes. I had to take the pictures as quickly as possible before the boxes got destroyed. "A" and "B" pictures are considered "special" pictures and they are not to be used for the purpose of producing a box. This gallery is for the purpose of describing the boxes and how they are built. It is for the eye of a builder who is considering purchasing a box or boxes. It is not




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Sugiuranorio savylat

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